Write an article on mobile culture the ethics resource

Executive Update Feature Published: October Results of a recent national study provide solid data that leaders who want to establish a practice of positive workplace ethics within their organizations should develop written ethics standards, provide ethics training, and ensure resources are available for employees in need of ethics advice. Association executives typically want the answers to two key questions about ethics in their association offices: In the NBES, we gathered information on three key elements of an ethics program:

Write an article on mobile culture the ethics resource

There are a number of facts that describe scandals resulted in deception or fraud in business. That is why practically all business owners realize the importance of business ethics and the need for greater corporate responsibility. Due to the debates about ethical lapses of such well-known firms and corporations as Coca-Cola, Enron, WorldCom, etc.

As a rule, reporting of misconduct or unethical behavior comes from upper level managers. Business ethics addresses a number of ethical issues, including abusive behavior of employees, harassment, conflict of interest, accounting fraud, bribery and theft in the workplace, affirmative action in hiring, consumer privacy in e-commerce, outsourcing of labor to foreign countries, downsizing, etc.

That is why it is very important to understand the significance of business ethics and recognize ethical issues. Each of these companies has demonstrated its commitment to the stakeholders and employees.

T-Mobile is one of the well-known companies that have developed a good reputation in the competitive market due to the practices in business ethics. In order to critically examine some specific ethical issues facing an organization or industry, it is necessary to define the term business ethics.

Ethics is a study of right and wrong behavior, a philosophical approach which is based on morality and moral principles. Business ethics is focused on right and wrong actions or behaviors of employees in business environment.

According to Frank B. As a rule, in business, decision makers often address more serious ethical issues than they may experience in their personal lives.

This fact means that business ethics is more complicated than personal ethics. They are dedicated to achieve the best results in their work.

Our Code of Conduct,p. It has been found that T-Mobile is one of the companies that are committed to highest standards of ethical practices and honest business conduct.

In addition, T-Mobile complies with health and safety rules and regulations provided by the Constitution.

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The major goal of the company is to maintain safety workplace preventing health and safety hazards in the workplace and providing the appropriate training of employees T-Mobile: Moreover, T-Mobile does not tolerate sexual harassment that includes different forms of offensive behavior.

Complying with laws and ethical conduct T-Mobile complies with the laws established by the government at all levels. In addition, the employees of T-Mobile are expected to exercise integrity and common sense in any situation.

The company is interested in positive working environment and honest actions of the employees. T-Mobile is engaged in conducting business in the highest ethical and professional manner; that is why the employees should avoid any conflict situations, and conflicts of interests.

Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization in terms of ethical standards As one of the most effective ways to set a tone of ethical behavior within this or that business organization is creating ethical codes of conduct, T-Mobile has successfully developed its code of conduct.

T-Mobile has implemented a number of ethics training programs for its employees. In addition, they organize periodic ethics seminars and discuss contemporary ethical problems they may face in the process of work. According to Peter W. In the interview with a corporate social responsibility manager of T-Mobile in Czech Republic, there is much information about the major strengths of the company in terms of corporate social responsibility.

An Interview,para. All employees know about corporate social responsibility that today can be viewed as an integral part of their social life.

Creating a code of ethics for your organization.

Ethical aspects of human resource management As a matter of fact, ethical issues have always been of marginal importance in human resource management. Human resource management is associated not only with organizational well-being, but also with the promotion of the individuals and social well-being.

Ethical sensitivity is focused on the ability to have impact on the human resource managers who should be able to identify the major ethical or moral issues. In fact, the major ethical issues in human resource management include issues of power, confidentiality, equal access to learning and training, and many other moral issues.

As a rule, human resource development practices include training, education and development procedures which can help to improve job performance and provide personal growth and motivate employees to act ethically. There are a number of examples of unethical behavior of employees, including acts of theft, falsification of timecards in order to hide early departures from the workplace, acts of sexual harassment in the workplace, etc.

Affirmative action in hiring It is known that affirmative action in hiring is one of the ethical issues faced by employees not only in the USA, but also in other countries of the world.Oct 01,  · How to Write an Ethics Paper.

write an article on mobile culture the ethics resource

In this Article: Article Summary Getting Started Developing Your Thesis Statement Conducting Research Writing and Revising Your Ethics Paper Community Q&A Writing an ethics paper can present some unique challenges. For the most part, the paper will be written like any other essay or research paper, but there are some key differences%(1).

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Making Ethics a Priority in Your Workplace