Write a love letter to yourself

Chapter book series for year olds about a young girl with psychic abilities Writing a love letter to yourself!

Write a love letter to yourself

As we scroll down our Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, we see hundreds of quotes on the importance of loving oneself and dozens of articles on self-love. Often, we feel loving oneself may make us selfish and mean or even narcissistic. Is that really the case? What does loving yourself actually mean?

Shutterstock To answer this question, we did an experiment—we reached out to multiple women in our circle and asked them to write a spontaneous letter on self-love. We were hoping that we would get some great perspectives on how women view self-love. The idea was to see if, beyond the banalities, we really do understand how we can love ourselves.

Well, we did find some interesting answers and hope some of these are good pointers for many of us to understand how self-love looks and feels. Loving yourself means spending quality time with yourself How do I love myself?

write a love letter to yourself

What I do try to do, consciously, is care for myself. I like myself most times and I try to see myself with the same respect that I see others write a love letter to yourself. Keeping myself active, be it my mind or my body, is possibly the best way in which I can care for myself.

As a woman, I care for myself by, ironically, fighting gender roles. If someone I loved and respected loved me or found reasons to appreciate me, then I would do the same to myself.

That would in a way help us figure out everything else about our life. Loving yourself means understanding self-love is not selfish Self-love is… a starved soul, discovering and living heart-warming moments of peace, unconditional love and joy.

Years ago, I used to consider self-love as a selfish act, why would you concentrate on your well-being and needs when others need your help?

Conditioning is the culprit! No reservoir of energy was left for me. I had exhausted myself because I never paid attention to my needs. I never loved my soul or my body enough to look after myself.

Take a little time to put some introspective thoughts down on paper.

You get so used to the ordinary routine of self-sacrifice and self-doubt, putting the rest of the world before you, giving away your power to others, what they think of you and your actions that you forget to look at your own perspective and the right to choose.

Self-love is seldom talked about and hardly ever practised, you get so busy bowing down and slaving away your breaths to notice that you are here to live, not survive. My connection to this world and the only time I feel like I belong here is when I take forest walks and interact with animals.

When I need some me time, I turn to ice cream! The memory associated with it is beautiful and therefore brings me lot of comfort and joy. When I got strong and healthy I was taken for a treat at night in Mumbai. It was a family outing and for once everyone was happy and focussed on eating huge ice cream cones.

I find a healing and motivating balm in their stories and philosophies. A stroll into a bookstore is how I pamper myself. Old songs are soothing for my soul, a spiritual nourishment that heals and calms me. My heart pounds at first but soon settles into a rhythmic beat. Songs of the sixties, seventies and eighties make me smile and giggle, they transport me to a world where everything is fun and possible.

Mental and physical care go hand in hand, just the way I need to detox my mind through meditation, surrounded by a comfortable environment of books, greenery, wagging tails and music my body needs to flush out the toxins when I go for a run or long walks around the city.

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A good workout leads to a fresh perspective and healthy being. I want to eat cold tangerines and sing out loud in the car with the windows open.

I want to travel till I run out of money and wear yellow shoes. With silhouettes making their way every dusk and dawn, I want to meet a new person and know their journey. One day, I want to dress myself like I have subscribed to every second beauty magazine and the next day, I want to stay indoors in my pyjamas and watch my favourite TV series.

Loving yourself is accepting yourself while being aware of your flaws When someone talks about loving yourself, in this age of Instagram and Snapchat the first thing that comes to my mind is being comfortable with how I look.

Inner appreciation comes much later, I think. Just accepting yourself as you are and even validating it is going to make you the sole inhabitant of la la land.Stop being so hard on yourself.

How (and why) to write a love letter to yourself | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Everything will make sense to you one day. All the pain, hurt, and frustration will become worth it. Remember, everything happens for a particular reason.

You are in the exact place you are meant to be right now. So breathe, be patient, and trust the course of your life. HerStory requested a bunch of amazing women to delve into what self-love means to them and write a note to themselves.

As we scroll down our Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, we see hundreds of. Jan 19,  · Learn how write a love letter to YOURSELF! You are WORTH it. V I D E O - G U I D E Love Letter "Rules": 1.

Take it seriously and approach letters as if they're sacred. But love, I am mesmerised each time you rebound to your own self, your confident self with a never evasive smile, only if others knew what you hold within.

You have been through rejections, failures and heartbreaks but have never given up on yourself. You must learn to completely love yourself, before you even try to love another. Help others. Be a good friend and make sure to be kind of your family.

Be selfless, not selfish. Love like you never seen pain before. A Self-Love Letter To Myself is cataloged in Cute, Expression, Finding Yourself, Growth.

May 06,  · So I sat down and wrote myself a letter. It didn't start out that way. I had intended to do some release work and write a letter to my ex.

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