Why star topology is best

Networking Star Topology Star Topology is the most common type of network topology that is used in homes and offices. In the Star Topology there is a central connection point called the hub which is a computer hub or sometimes just a switch. In a Star Network the best advantage is when there is a failure in cable then only one computer might get affected and not the entire network. The Star Network Topology typically needs more cable to be networked than the usual Bus topology.

Why star topology is best

Penna Sparrow What is Mesh Topology? In a mesh network topologyeach of the network node, computer and other devices, are interconnected with one another. Every node not only sends its own signals but also relays data from other nodes.

In fact a true mesh topology is the one where every node is connected to every other node in the network. This type of topology is very expensive as there are many redundant connections, thus it is not mostly used in computer networks.

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It is commonly used in wireless networks. Flooding or routing technique is used in mesh topology. Types of Mesh Network topologies: Even after considering the redundancy factor and cost of this network, its main advantage is that the network traffic can be redirected to other nodes if one of the nodes goes down.

Full mesh topology is used only for backbone networks. Here, some of the systems are connected in similar fashion as in mesh topology while rests of the systems are only connected to 1 or 2 devices. This one is less costly and also reduces redundancy. Advantages of Mesh topology 1 Data can be transmitted from different devices simultaneously.

This topology can withstand high traffic.

Why star topology is best

Disadvantages of Mesh topology 1 There are high chances of redundancy in many of the network connections. Even administration of the network is tough.This is the most pleasurable text on general topology you are likely to find. Just for the sections on Urysohn's Lemma, Tietze's Extension, and Tychonoff's Theorem alone this book is worth owning - it contains the nicest proofs of these theorems I have ever seen.

Bus Network Topology LANs that make use of bus topology connects each node to a single cable. Some connector connects each computer or server to the bus cable.

For avoiding the bouncing of signal a terminator is used at each end of the bus cable. Best Network Topology For A University ; Which Lan Topology Is Best For A University ; Which Is The Best Topology For A Lan Network ; University Project Topology For Networking ; Why Star Topology Is Best For University Library; Campus Area Networks (CAN).

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Computer and Network Examples Campus Area Networks (CAN). Computer . In Star topology, all the components of network are connected to the central device called “hub” which may be a hub, a router or a switch. Unlike Bus topology (discussed earlier), where nodes were connected to central cable, here all the workstations are connected to central device with a point-to-point connection.

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