Warning by jenny joseph and on ageing by maya angelou essay

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Warning by jenny joseph and on ageing by maya angelou essay

In your answers you should make close reference to the language of the poems. Discuss the ways in which the poets describe the thoughts and feelings of the child. Compare and contrast the ways the poets explore the worries about growing old.

How does each poet use the imagination to create this sense of place or feelings? In each of these poems the writers, in their different ways, write about themselves.

Compare how the two writers express their thoughts and feelings in these poems. How do the writers show the ways in which these memories have affected the person looking back?

How do the writer present the central character or characters in these poems? The title sets the mood for the poem: The poet is Welsh and St. The miracle refers to what happens on a specific day, St.

Warning by jenny joseph and on ageing by maya angelou essay

Spring is often seen as a time of rebirth and the reawakening of nature. It is set on St. Amongst the listeners is a man who does not speak. He suddenly recites a poem that he remembers from the past.

This is the miracle. It is written in first person narration, the narrator is the poet who is reading her poetry to the patients. The poem is reflective she is looking back on an experience. She presents the experience as fleeting, transitory and almost magical.

The language varies in the poem.

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The poem is structured into stanzas of 5 lines yet begins and ends with 3 lines. Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney Title: The poem is divided into two stanzas. He was fascinated by the process of frogspawn turning into tadpoles in the jars and was informed about this process by his teacher, Miss.

In the second stanza, Heaney records how one day he heard a strange noise and went to investigate - and found that the frogs, in huge numbers, had taken over the flax-dam, gathering for revenge on him to punish his theft of the spawn? He has an overwhelming fear that, if he puts his hand into the spawn again, it will seize him - and who knows what might happen then?

The narrator is Heaney as a child and describes an important moment of growing up: The language in the first stanza is at times childish which makes it clear it is written from the perspective of Heaney as a child: It is written in first person narration as are all the Heaney poems — it is a personal experience.

It uses lots of onomatopoeia: Alliteration is used for the same purpose: The frogs in the second stanza are described using similes to emphasise their threatening nature: Because of the onomatopoeia and alliteration the poem is rich in imagery.

We can imagine this scene with its heady mix of smells and sounds. The plague of frogs in the second stanza are also vividly created in the mind through similes and we share the horror and disgust of the boy as he runs from these creatures. In the first stanza he is in control and understands nature whereas the second contains the experience which brings about the death of the naturalist.

The boy is scared by the frogs because he feels out of control. It symbolises that we cannot control the natural world as much as we think we understand it. Memories, nature, innocence versus.

The Barn by Seamus Heaney Title: The title lets the reader know what the poem will focus on. A barn is described in great detail from the perspective of a child who is scared of it.

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Jenny Joseph reads her poem 'Warning' - Jenny Joseph reads her poem 'Warning', Britain's most popular post-war poem, according to poll conducted by the BBC in The second line of this poem inspired the formation of America's Red Hat Society, the largest women's social group in the world.

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