Topics to write a love letter about feelings

I usually write about a topic related to a personal development topic. But not this time. This is a letter written directly to you, my regular reader, my periodic reader, my newcomer, my tried and true, to all of you. I want you to know how I feel about you, about who you are to me and what that means to me.

Topics to write a love letter about feelings

Through discussion, drama and art, students identify and express different feelings and emotions. Receive permission to have a wide range of feelings. Build a vocabulary of words for naming feelings. Keywords Feelings, emotions, emotional, expressing, communicating, managing, identifying, naming Materials Needed A set of Emotion Face Templates Markers Paper and pencil for each student Chalk or white board space Backpack with a book, face plates, two personal items photo, souvenir Book suggestions include: Use Emotion Face Templates to create paper plate faces depicting different emotions or feelings.

We suggest starting with eight common feelings: Put one book, the face plates, and your personal items in the pack photo, souvenir, treasured gift or similar items.

The student will see that few people feel this is appropriate. Discussion Points 15 minutes Remember, the intention is to help students both to identify their emotions and their feelings about having those emotions. Show the backpack and say: If you like, close your eyes and imagine yourself holding something special to you.

What feeling does holding it give you? But how would you feel if you lost it? Can you make a face to show how that would feel? Now open your eyes. Did you notice how quickly your feelings changed? It is normal to have many different feelings in a day.

Today we are going to have some fun identifying and expressing different feelings. I brought some different faces with me today. Acting Up 20 minutes Face plates.

Well, today is a good day for you! We just identified eight different feelings, and now we are going to act them out. One person at a time will pick a plate and then silently act it out — like a charade or pantomime.

The rest of us will try to guess the feeling being acted out.

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There is always the option to pass. If you feel a student is too anxious, even after some support and encouragement, let him observe with the option of participating when he chooses.

Other students raise their hands to guess. Give each student a white plate on which to draw a feeling face. Wrap-Up 5 minutes Identification. Have you felt these feelings at some time? Do you find some feelings are harder to have? Remember, it is your job to maintain the boundaries.

Use a different set of feelings on paper plates.If you've never expressed your feelings through writing before, a great way to start is by writing a letter to yourself. You can pretend that you're writing to a close friend whom you trust with your life. Getting Emotional: Learning About Feelings.

EducationWorld is pleased to feature this K-6 language arts and communication lesson adapted from School Volunteer Handbook: A Simple Guide for K-6 Teachers and Parents, by Yael Calhoun and Elizabeth Q. Finlinson (Lila Press, ).. The lesson plan, shared with the permission of the authors, is a great example of a short activity with simple.

Leaving an explanatory letter can be a meaningful and safe way to express sentiments that don’t belong in your will. Learn more about Writing a Will: Explanatory Letters.. Here are some ideas and examples for writing an explanatory letter. This is a list of ideas for Table Topics sessions.

Feel free to use one of these for your next session!

topics to write a love letter about feelings

Pick someone and have them describe their job and what would be the most important attribute to excel in that position. Then pick someone whose going to speak about why they would be the best.

The letter you write to your future spouse on your wedding day should be thoughtful, full of love, and totally from the heart. With that being said, we do have a few rules and tips to making sure your wedding letter is a total success.

topics to write a love letter about feelings

We love the tradition of couples exchanging sweet wedding. Einstein obviously had a tremendous influence on the scientific community and the entire world.

Einstein enjoyed people’s company and learned a great deal from those around him – including the two women whom he married over the course of his life.

Mileva Maric was the only female physics major.

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