The picture of dorian gray actual

Dorian sits for several portraits, and Basil often depicts him as an ancient Greek hero or a mythological figure.

The picture of dorian gray actual

When People magazine announced, at the end ofthat Johnny Depp had once again been voted "Sexiest Man Alive" by its readers, the female population of the Western world responded with a resounding "like, DOH! This is the second time the delectable Mr.

The picture of dorian gray actual

In doing the double, he has joined an elite and exclusive group — Brad Pitt and George Clooney are the only other modern-day deities who have previously trodden this hallowed path. This achievement is no mean feat, considering the fickle, frivolous world of celebrity hero-worshipping.

It is interesting to note that it is the old masters who are coming out on top, fending off young, upstart pretenders to the throne like Robert Pattison and Jake Gyllenhaal.

However, one thing that marks Depp apart from clean-living hunks like Clooney and Pitt is his notoriously hard-living, hard-partying, hell-raising ways.

Another, more tragic, event was to have a long-lasting effect on the young actor — the death of his friend River Phoenix. Johnny was present at a jamming session at his night club The Viper Room the night River Phoenix fatally overdosed from a mixture of heroine and cocaine.

Although there was no evidence that Johnny was indulging in drugs himself, he became the victim of guilt-by-association The picture of dorian gray actual the press.

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While fatherhood has somewhat dampened his appetite for the self-destructive, Depp still appears hell-bent on pursuing a lifestyle which would wreak havoc with the looks of the more genetically-challenged among us. It is obvious that Depp places no value on his astonishing good looks.

While it is not beyond the realm of possibility to imagine other Hollywood leading men obsessing about grey hairs and wrinkles, and going to bed with a de-toxifying face mask, Johnny goes out of his way to disassociate himself from the pretty-boy image.

In fact, considering the off-beat characters he chooses to play a transvestite in Ed Wood, the wacky Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, a disturbing Willy Wonka, an artificial man-freak in Edward Scissorhands, a demon barber in Sweeney Toddit would appear that a pre-requisite for his acceptance of any film role would be the opportunity to ugly-up his impossibly handsome face.

During a recent and rare interview on the Jonathan Ross show, Depp appeared oddly ill-at-ease in his own skin, hiding behind his lank, greasy hair.

The picture of dorian gray actual

The dirty, tatty clothes he was wearing, including his beloved fifteen-year-old boots, gave him an appearance more like a homeless bum than a Hollywood leading man. And yet, despite all this, or maybe because of it, he seemed more attractive than ever!

Regardless of the off-the-wall character roles, and the seeming desire to drink his way to ugliness, Johnny Depp never seems to age. If anything, his good looks seem to have improved over the years.

Nothing diminishes the appeal of the man! While pondering the genetic paradox that is Mr. In the novel, an incredibly handsome young man Gray is having his portrait painted when he suddenly becomes aware of his own mortality.

He is distraught at the prospect of his good looks fading, and so makes a pact with the devil — Dorian sells his soul in exchange for the preservation of his beauty. His wish is granted and Dorian never ages a day. Despite a gradual descent into hedonism and debauchery, the effects of his lifestyle never show on his face.

The novel climaxes with Dorian, in a blind rage, plunging a knife which he has just used to murder his best friend into the painting. With the portrait destroyed, Dorian ages very quickly and dies. When his body is discovered, he is so disfigured and withered, he is unrecognizable.

It is only through the rings on his fingers that he can be identified. In the end, even Dorian Gray could not escape the ravages of time. So, Johnny Depp, what is your secret? Is it simply great genes? Have you discovered the elixir of life, the fountain of youth? Or could there be a portrait of you, hidden far away from prying eyes, which is slowly becoming uglier and more disfigured, while the devil waits patiently for your soul?The Picture The painting itself is an overarching, ever-present symbol in The Picture of Dorian Gray, not just in the text but to nearly all of its characters.

Though physically it is nothing more than a. Oscar Wilde’s only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray (), is a superb example of late-Victorian Gothic fiction. It ranks alongside Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde () and Bram Stoker’s Dracula () as a representation of how fin-de-siècle literature explored the darkest recesses of Victorian society and the often .

The picture is reflecting how Dorian’s self-gratifying and increasingly evil ways are affecting his soul.

Plot Overview

The novel climaxes with Dorian, in a blind rage, plunging a knife (which he has just used to murder his best friend) into the painting. With the portrait destroyed, Dorian ages very quickly and dies.

A short summary of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Ivan Albright painted this lurid portrait for the Oscar-winning movie adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

In Wilde's tale, Dorian Gray commissions a portrait of himself as an attractive young man and later trades his soul for an ever-youthful appearance.

As the still. In the stately London home of his aunt, Lady Brandon, the well-known artist Basil Hallward meets Dorian Gray. Dorian is a cultured, wealthy, and impossibly beautiful young man who immediately captures Basil’s artistic imagination.

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