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Negotiation Process March 14, You are the lead contract negotiator of a small company that specializes in small GPS guided guidance equipment that can be used in most vehicles. You have been tasked with acquiring a contract with one of divisions of the federal government that is developing driverless convoys for moving goods and supplies. As the lead negotiator, you are aware of the size of the U. You are also aware of the break-even point in which your company would need to reach in order to make a profit.

Negotiation paper essays

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Get Access Negotiation Paper Essay Sample In the realm of argumentation and debate many debaters negotiate their point of views in front of people all the time.

Debates are basically distributive bargaining situations where debaters utilize selective presentation to try and win their arguments. This paper will define what a distributive bargaining situation is and secondly, this written discourse will define the technique of selective presentation.

Furthermore, this paper will also discuss the definition of power, Negotiation paper essays the role power plays in negotiation. To elaborate on distributive bargaining situations and the use of selective presentation, I will use two arguments from a debate between James Carville, Jr.

Cupp, a republican political commentator, writer, and Ivey League socialite. The arguments originally specified by the republican commentator S. Before I jump into the overall essence of this paper I would like to emphasize the race factors that come with the first argument that will be analyzed.

Secondly, I will also touch on the problematic and complex intricacies that the second argument relates to concerning the gap between the wealthiest one percent of Americans and the rest of us.

As you stumble upon the beginning of this paper one may ask the question I thought this paper was about Negotiation? Make no mistake about it, this paper is about negotiation. The reasoning behind my decision to bring these two issues to light is because of their importance and the influence these social issues have on negotiation.

But for complex deals, which are usually built on a series of smaller ones involving multiple parties, a more strategic approach is to focus on what unfolds away from the table. If someone thinks that their gender, race, and overall status do not have an effect, they are sadly mistaken.

As stated in the previous paragraph, race, gender and social status plays a vast role in negotiation.

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One might ask the question how I came to that conclusion. I answer that question with one word, simple, the founding principles and ideals that a nation, country, business, or entity is founded upon seeps through its entire existence; case and point, America was founded upon racism, rebellion, and sexism.

Bush, we the republicans are not racist. Cupp was using a false truth to try and cover up the racial issues that the Republican Party has with President Obama and the rest of the minority population of the United States. When it comes to issues such as gender, sexism, oppression and racism, that train in America is never late.

The second argument stated by S. The richer some is the more like they are republicans; the poorer some is the more likely they are democrats. Cupp is no different, all of her arguments she stated during the debate are all geared towards the purpose of obtaining more wealth.

Now on the essence of negotiation, one can see as I analyze both arguments how a distributive bargaining situation is created between the two individuals. A distributed bargaining situation is a state of affairs or congregation of two or more different parties with different goals and aspirations.

This type of situation arise when both parties come together and discuss their wants and needs with one another, with the idea of meet at some type of common ground so that both parties can leave with some of their opening wants and needs.

In a distributive bargaining situation, the goals of one party are usually in fundamental and direct conflict with the goals of the other party.

Resources are fixed and limited, and both parties want to maximize their share. Roy J Lewicki 37Distributive bargaining situations without a doubt go hand and hand with Selective Presentation. The overall reason I selected these two arguments is because once they are analyzed an explained, an individual can see how Selective Presentation presents itself in an argument or debate.

Selective presentation is a technique used by either party in a negotiation to help their overall negotiation efforts. One of the most obvious methods is selective presentation, in which negotiators reveal only the facts necessary to support their case.

She says one thing on this hand but on the other hand she real means something else. She attempts to take advantage of the debate by relying on the audiences lack of understanding, but Professor Carville is to savvy of an intellectual to fall for her blinding tricks so to speak.

In contrast concerning Professor Carville, he also uses selective presentation to assist his arguments; but instead of relying on false truths like S.

Cupp, he uses selective presentation more directly and more candidly to shatter her arguments and to mold his own arguments to win the overall debate. Lastly the attributes that help Professor Carville in this date is his status, his overall social influence, and his power that he has accumulated over the years.

Power is an influential and common tool used in negotiations. The general essence of power can be clearly distinct as a status that allows and individual or group to have great influence and ability to accomplish their goals and aspirations.

Roy J Lewicki As one can see from the definition of power it is an extremely important tool to have in negotiations.

It allows an individual to have an upper hand on their opponent at the beginning of a negotiation. When it comes to power and negotiations the most important thing is the ability to keep ones power and not allowing the other negotiator to take your power.Negotiation Analysis Paper. Download.

Negotiation Analysis Paper. Uploaded by. Jamelia Graham. Negotiations between Chipotle Mexican Grill and its Suppliers Negotiations between Chipotle Mexican Grill and its Suppliers Jamelia Graham Negotiation Skills – HRM DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management For Professor Kenneth.

Whatever may be the process for negotiation, we follow two approaches, i.e., distributive approach and integrative approach.

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Distributive approach is a win-lose or a zero-sum game approach, whereas, the integrative approach is a collaborative approach, where both the negotiating parties try to expand the outcomes of their decisions by sharing the benefits. Negotiations and Decision-making - A multitude of data can be found online when searching for material on decision-making.

Likewise, the same can be stated regarding the search for information pertaining to negotiations and decision-making. Negotiation In simplest terms, negotiation is a discussion between two or more disputants who are trying to work out a solution to their problem.

Negotiation paper essays

This interpersonal or inter-group process can occur at a personal level, as well as at a corporate or international (diplomatic) level. Negotiation Paper This paper will discuss a car sales negotiation and the roles of communication and personality in negotiation and how the contributed to or detracted from the negotiation.

On February 5, , Rodger a real estate agent began searching for a new car. Negotiation Paper. edexcel a2 history coursework deadline. free ecology research papers; descriptive essay of a beach.

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