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Master thesis uu igitur

The conduct of qualitative research concerning non-offending partners of female rape victims, however, often involves multifaceted ethical and practical challenges, which can be managed through the use of pilot studies.

The pilot study described in this report had three objectives. The first was to pretest and refine the proposed method for locating, accessing, and recruiting intimate partners of female rape victims, within the first two weeks after the rape, for participation in a six-month longitudinal study.

master thesis uu igitur

The third objective was to determine the feasibility of the main study, in terms of the limited financial and human resources available. The pilot phase was valuable in identifying ethical and methodological problems during the recruitment of participants and collection of data. It allowed for methodological adjustments prior to the main study and confirmed the feasibility of the overall research design.

A pilot, pretesting phase is therefore seen as an essential component of a qualitative study involving a vulnerable population. The intimate partners of raped women often suffer distress and so it is suggested that they be categorized as a vulnerable population.

When intimate partners are involved in research related to the rape of someone they care for, this experience may cause a secondary victimization risk due to the sensitive and intrusive nature of the research questions asked.

Alternatively, if an intimate partner is questioned too soon after the rape, the questioning can cause a reliving of the rape of his or her partner. The ethical protection of subjects was the overriding concern for the researcher, the first author of this article, when formulating the objectives for the pilot study described here.

First, this entailed identifying the most appropriate method for locating, contacting, and recruiting intimate partners of female rape victims, within the first two weeks after the rape, for participation in a six-month longitudinal study.

master thesis uu igitur

This article draws on the experience gained from the pilot study and it aims to demonstrate how unanticipated ethical and methodological problems were identified, processed, and overcome.

Background and Motivation for Conducting the Pilot Study The need to conduct a pilot study prior to the main study became apparent during the proposal development stage for a doctoral study by the researcher. From the outset it was clear that an examination of the lived experiences of intimate partners of female rape victims in Cape Town, South Africa, over time, would entail a longitudinal qualitative study of at least six months after the rape.

In the study described in this article, the intimate partners were regarded as a vulnerable population because they were traumatized not only by the rape occurrence but also by the subsequent episodes of secondary victimization at the police stations and health facilities Van Wijk, Some partners had even witnessed the rape.

The methods used by Davis and colleaguesin their longitudinal study of intimate partners, have not previously been used in South Africa. The note of caution expressed by Duma International Journal of Qualitative Methods12 and colleaguestherefore, further convinced the researcher to conduct a pilot study to ensure ethical practices in a different cultural environment.

The recommendations of Watson, Atkinson, and Rose and Kilanowski about the benefits of pilot studies reinforced this intention. This article provides a discussion of the practical challenges identified throughout the pilot study and it attempts to emphasize the significance of ethical considerations at all stages of the research process.

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Some key issues for consideration when conducting pilot studies with vulnerable populations are highlighted. Literature Review A review of the literature in the field of sexual violence revealed numerous potential ethical, legal, and practical problems in research involving vulnerable populations.

A brief discussion of these issues is given below.The development sector is rife with complaints about strict accountability requirements imposed by donors. However, this paper argues that the imposition of a new accountability framework can sometimes be converted into a useful PME coordinator of the Fair, .

Publication Name: Master's Thesis, University of Amsterdam Research Interests: International Criminal Court, Uganda, Transitional Justice, Conflict Resolution, IDPs, and 7 more Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, northern Uganda, International Justice, Amnesty Act, .

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