Lagoon spill essay

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Lagoon spill essay

However these forests are among some of the most threatened on earth due to rampant deforestation. Through these photos you will see for yourself the threats posed to these forests by illegal and uncontrolled timber exploitation and agricultural expansion. Measures to deal with these issues will have to be unprecedented, visionary and carried out on a large scale.

We hope that this photo essay both touches and informs you.

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Locally, forests provide both direct benefits to the community, such as timber and non-timber forest products, and indirect benefits, such as climate regulation and water security. Forests came under numerous different pressures during the crisis, including from illegal logging on a commercial scale, legal industrial exploitation without supervision, conversion of forested land for agriculture, artisanal mining, and poaching of wildlife.

Deforestation due to agriculture Agricultural expansion is a key factor compromising forest cover. In general, Ivorian farmers still use slash and burn techniques to clear land for agriculture. This practice is destructive, lays waste to large amounts of land, and undermines reforestation efforts.

New methods, such as agroforestry techniques, should be used to ensure the long-term sustainability of the agricultural system and help conserve not only the forest but also the soil. The damage will not be reversed by a few well-intentioned actions at local level. Rather, the government needs to examine the totality of forestry and protected areas, considering all the ecological, agricultural, industrial, socioeconomic, and security factors that are involved.

However, the coastline is increasingly at risk from an oil spill, as oil production in the region, and offshore drilling in particular, are growing exponentially. Such ships are more likely to cause spillage than one regulated by law. Additional risk is also anticipated as the Ivorian economy recovers and the Port of Abidjan becomes busier with guest tankers or stored oil.

On the contrary, the capacity has been eroded. Rebuilding national capacity for oil-spill response must therefore be one of the priorities of the National Committee for Disaster Management. Urban expansion in Abidjan The population of Abidjan has been expanding since independence ina process rapidly accelerated by the crisis.

At the same time, also due to conflict, investment in urban infrastructure could not keep up, leading to major environmental issues in the city. The total amount of waste collected in Abidjan is currently around 3, tons per day. Most of the areas around the city have waste collection services, except those difficult to access.

In areas with many valleys and hollows, people routinely throw their waste into the valley even when waste containers are available. This is an old fashioned dump site with no impermeable lining at the bottom, no draining and treatment of leachate, and no gas collection and recovery.

The port of Abidjan Neither of the international ports at Abidjan or San Pedro has facilities to accept hazardous waste, however both accept non-hazardous solid waste from ships. The waste is collected by private companies and transported to the local dumping site.

In reality, the collection companies also accept hazardous wastes, as current controls are insufficient to prevent this practice.

The lagoon extends for approximately km in an east-west direction; its surface is approximately km2, and there is an additional km2 of adjacent mangrove swamps and wetland.

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Early settlers in the area were fishermen, and fishing remains an important livelihood in the region. However, not only has the city of Abidjan expanded around the lagoon, but it has also expanded into it. There is evidence of heavy metal and pesticide pollution in the fish in the lagoon, which needs to be addressed as a matter of priority to better protect the health of the community.

Efforts to address pollution must therefore consider the broader environment near the lagoon. The country is situated on the West African Birimian Greenstone Belt, a massive mineral and gold-rich geological formation.

Establishing cooperation between the two could help to improve environmental management in the mining industry. Artisanal mining operations are undertaken without any formal training for the miners and no official oversight. This means that environmental impacts occur in the form of deforestation, water pollution, and chemical contamination.

The primary concern, however, is for the health of those engaged in the mining activities. It constitutes one of the largest protected areas in West Africa. Problems of poaching and overgrazing were greatly exacerbated by the crisis, when the park was left without management.

If the remaining animals and their habitats can be kept safe, their populations may yet recover. Herders, each with heads of cattle, remained in the park for several weeks, some even establishing settlements for up to three years.

Uncontrolled grazing could be restricted by creating a transhumance corridor for cattle during the dry season and by encouraging herders to find alternative grazing areas for cattle during this period.The Lagoon (Joseph Conrad) Q Is the Lagoon a short story?

Ans. Joseph Conrad's The Lagoon has a definite plot of a striking tale of human passion, of a last for life and love and the frustration of . Splash lagoon erie pa admission essays.

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Lagoon Spill Essay - Lagoon Spill A. Introduction During the last twenty years, industrial livestock farms have been replacing the traditional family size farms that once raised most of the nation's swine.

Mega Farms Effects on Water - Essay

The number of livestock animals produced in the United States has grown modestly in the past two decades, but the number of farms raising. The Effects Of Farming On The Environment Environmental Sciences Essay.

Water pollution cause by livestock farming occurred due to malfunction of waste lagoon or accidentally spill over from flooded lagoon or deliberate flushing of wastes directly into river system. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have.

Oct 17,  · Oil Spill Essay; Oil Spill Essay.

Lagoon spill essay

The Negative Effects of Oil Spills Have on Nigeria, A letter. Words | 2 Pages. this letter to inform you about the negative effects in Nigeria oil spills have on its people and the environment around them.

Oil spills pollute the water, killing animals and plant life that inhabit the area around the spill. oil spill Essay The Ecological Effect of the BP Oil Spill on the Environment Introduction: The BP oil spill, (also known as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill the BP oil disaster, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the Macondo blowout) was an oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP owned and operated Macondo Prospect on April

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