Labreport solubility

Monday, May 23, Full Report: Synthesis of Aspirin This is posted to help my fellow college students, but please, use this only as a guide and don't copy paste because it's bad. The objective of organic synthesis is to design the simplest synthetic routes to a molecule. Acetylsalicylic acid, also known as aspirin, is one of the most widely used medications to reduce fever and is also used as a pain killer.

Labreport solubility

The experiment was also conducted to build or construct the equilibrium curves at atmospheric pressure for binary system namely methanol and water.

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A mixture of methanol-water with known composition is initially fed into the evaporator. When the heater is switched on, the mixture will start to boil. The mixture vapour will rise up and will be cool down by the condenser at the top of the evaporator.

The system will stabilize and finally reach an equilibrium state when temperature remains constant. Samples of vapour and liquid are taken to determine their compositions. At the end of the experiment, a graph of mole fraction of vapour against mole fraction of liquid and a graph of temperature against mole fraction of liquid and vapour were plotted.

Labreport solubility

This equilibrium curves at atmospheric pressure for binary system namely methanol and water clearly shows the relationship between vapour and liquid at equilibrium and at atmospheric pressure.

It can be said that from the graph that we had plotted, the relationship between vapour and liquid at equilibrium and at atmospheric pressure is that they exist in linear.

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The experiment was considered a success as all the objectives were achieved as we want. Rate of liquid evaporated to vapour s is the same as rate of vapour condensed into liquid.

It is called equilibrium state when there is no net rate difference, this vapour-liquid interconvertions is zero. For pure Substance, it is implies at the boiling point. The purpose of this experiment using Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium is to construct an equilibrium curve for methanol and water system at atmosphere pressure.

The mixture of methanol and water is fed into the evaporator. After the heater is on, the mixture is left to boil. The evaporated vapour then rise and cooled down by the condenser. The condensed liquid will fall back into the evaporator.

Labreport solubility

This cycle continues until it reach the equilibrium state, when the temperature become constant. The sample of the liquid and the vapour are taken for test. By using the Refractometer, we can determine the composition of the mixture or the Refractive Index RI.

Refractive Index is define as the ratio of velocity of light in a vacuum to its velocity in a specified medium. In the equipment, the VLE concept are used.

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The reboiler in the column is used to boil the necessary mixture and the condenser is used to cool down the vapour.

To investigate the relationship between the vapour and liquid at different temperature. To construct the equilibrium curve for methanol-water system at atmospheric pressure, 1 atm.

To differentiate the plotted graph between Refractive Index RI and range of composition mixtures based on the experimental data obtained. A substance at vapor—liquid equilibrium is generally referred to as a saturated fluid. For a pure chemical substance, this implies that it is at its boiling point.


The notion of "saturated fluid" includes saturated liquid about to vaporizesaturated liquid—vapor mixture, and saturated vapor about to condense. The Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium is used to determine the equilibrium in binary phase by vaporization and diffusion.A multiple unit oral floating drug delivery system of famotidine was developed to prolong gastric residence time, target stomach mucosa and increase drug bioavailability.

Drug and polymer compatibility was studied by subjecting physical mixtures of drug and polymers to differential scanning. Lab$5:$TheEffect$of$pH$on$Sodium$Benzoate$ $ _____ 2#. BC Experiment 1 Identification of an Unknown Amino Acid Introduction As the building blocks of proteins, amino acids play a key cellular role in structure and.

The biuret reaction is a method that can be used to determine the amount of soluble protein in a solution. The biuret reagent (copper sulfate in a strong base) reacts with peptide bonds (which join amino acids to form proteins) and changes colour when it does so. Serine.

Despite the fact that Serine is one of the most difficult of all the amino acids to obtain from proteins, it somehow appeared to be one of the early amino acids that has been discovered. Experiment 4: Conductivity of electrolyte solutions (Dated: November 16, ) I. INTRODUCTION Pure water does not conduct electricity, but any solvated ionic species would contribute to .

Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Drug Delivery System of Famotidine