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Expelled student Kip Kinkel first murdered his parents before engaging in a school shooting at Thurston High School in SpringfieldOregon that left two students, Ben Walker and Mikael Nickolauson, dead and 25 others wounded. Events leading to shooting Expulsion On May 20,year-old Kinkel was suspended pending an expulsion hearing from Thurston High School in SpringfieldOregonfor being in possession of a loaded, stolen handgun. A friend of Kinkel had stolen a pistol from the father of one of his friends and arranged to sell the weapon to Kinkel the night before. When the father discovered he was missing a handgun, he reported it to the police and supplied the names of students he believed might have stolen the firearm.

Kip kinkle

He, like Calliou, is a crybaby, so he is known to act up and to temper tantrums, such as shooting up a school and killing his parents. While having a talk with Eric Harris, he mentioned about potentially "setting a new high score" at his high school. Eric Harris advocated in it, and helped young Kip gather everything that he needed to set his new swell high score.

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While playing the song on his stereo, he felt very confident about killing others, stating that "he hears voices in his head" and that "he has to kill people". The night passes, and young Kippy had a strange dream about hearing voices in his head.

He is in fact an oracle for what is going to happen eleven months later with his IRC chat butt buddies, putting on his trench coat and wielding a gun. As he made it to Thurston High School, he felt butthurt enough to release the fury of 69 suns and shoot his peers, killing two of them.

Six hours later, he was put in handcuffs, and had the pessimism about failing to achieve the new high score. Kip Kinkel's swell gallery Kip getting his ass raped by an officer Kip after the shootings and getting his ass raped by Ripper Roo.

Kip kinkle

Unfortunately, the trench coat was not black and he did not use a Tec 9.Horoscope and astrology data of Kip Kinkel born on 30 August Eugene, Oregon, with biography. I come from an age when if you were on the internet you never used your real name, hence the reason I’ve been using a pseudonym for 20 years.

But today, people not only use their real names but some post almost every aspect of their lives onto social media. One of the many drawbacks more "year-old boy fends off sister’s Instagram stalker".

January 29, Bill Kinkel marries Faith Zuranski: December 22, Kristin Kinkel is born: August 30, Kipland Kinkel is born. - The Kinkels take a . Psychiatric Meds: Pills that Kill?

34 School shooters/school related violence committed by those under the influence of psychiatric drugs.

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Seattle, Washington – June 5, year-old Aaron Ybarra opened fire with a shotgun at Seattle Pacific University, killing one student and wounding two others. Ybarra planned to kill as many people as possible and then kill himself. Feb 10,  · The state's appellate court narrowly ruled that Kinkel already had challenged his sentence as cruel and unusual in an earlier appeal and to re .

Newly released videotapes are shedding light on teen shooter Kip Kinkel. Springfield, Ore. police have made public tapes of Kinkel recorded after his .

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