Juniper portal url rewrite appsec

The server admins configure an http to https redirect. Today I will be discussing few ways of doing this.

Juniper portal url rewrite appsec

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Converged service provisioning separates service definition from service instantiation. After a service is defined, a service can be dynamically instantiated at subscriber login or by using a change of authorization CoA mid-session. Service instantiation uses only the name of the defined service, hiding all service details from system operators.

Converged service provisioning supports service parameterization, which corresponds to dynamic variables within dynamic profiles. For converged HTTP redirect services, this means that you define the service and service rules within a dynamic profile. The CPCD service rules are created dynamically based on the variables configured in the dynamic profile.

Optionally, you can choose to parameterize the redirect URL by including defining a redirect-url variable in the dynamic profile. This enables you to customize the redirect URLs for each subscriber. You configure the walled garden as a firewall service filter.

A walled garden is a group of servers that provide subscriber access to sites within the walled garden without requiring reauthorization through a captive portal. The walled garden service filter identifies traffic destined for the walled garden and traffic destined outside the walled garden.

Only HTTP traffic destined outside the walled garden is passed to the dynamic service for processing. The si- interface processes all redirect and rewrite traffic and services for the Routing Engine.

The si- interface must be operational with a status of up to enable and activate the captive portal content delivery CPCD service. Just as for static HTTP redirect services, a service profile contains the service rules.

You configure a service set outside the dynamic profile to associate the CPCD service profile with a specific si service interface on the Routing Engine. Within the dynamic profile, you apply the service set and the walled garden service filter to a dynamic interface. Configuring a Walled Garden as a Firewall Service Filter When you configure the walled garden as a firewall service filter, traffic that is destined to servers within the walled garden is identified and skipped.

Because this traffic does not flow to the line card, handling requirements are reduced. All other HTTP traffic is destined for addresses outside the walled garden.

Because this traffic does not match the filter conditions, it flows to the line card for handling.

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You can configure the service filter so that the walled garden contains a single server as the captive portal or a list of servers. Configure the walled garden with a single server as the captive portal: Create the service filter.We have a Juniper portal in front of our web applications.

When we navigate to our primary URL (e.g.,, everything routes properly to our primary web site.

However, if we. Re: Redirecting Home page to a Sign In URL on the same appliance My lab unit has beta running on it and and it worked fine in my lab. You may not be able to use the actual sig-in URL, you will have to use the redirected URL. 1. Have Juniper IVE version R2 or above.

2. Create a New Realm or access an existing realm for the Juniper IVE SAML assertion integration in the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin. 3. Configure the following tabs in the Web Admin before configuring the realm for the Juniper integration.

Applying Default Rewrite Rules By default, rewrite rules are not usually applied to interfaces. If you want to apply a rewrite rule, you can either design your own rule and apply it to an interface, or you can apply a default rewrite rule.

As a follow up to this post, I have narrowed down my top options for "SSL VPN"/Secure Remote Access to Juniper MAG and F5 APM. In my environment, I will be looking to use the following capabilities: Web Portal only access - % clientless with proxy/rewritten links to internal web applications, file shares, RDP, telnet, SSH, etc.

Sep 29,  · Is there a way to customize an automated acknowledge URL?

juniper portal url rewrite appsec

I currently use a Juniper SA VPN as the frontend to my internal network, and we all know the alerts we want to acknowledge quickly are those that occur at 2AM when I'm not within my internal network(I'm at home, sleeping!).

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