Gender differences in india essay

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Gender differences in india essay

How a single store chooses to showcase its playthings may not seem terribly consequential — even if it is Harrods — but the move has people talking, including coverage in The GuardianThe New York TimesThe Huffington Postand CNN.

But it turns out that how the media explains gender differences can itself influence the extent to which people endorse gender stereotypes. In their first study, researchers Victoria Brescoll and Marianne LaFrance selected a geographically-diverse subset of the 50 newspapers with the highest daily circulation in the United States.

For example, an explanation that appealed to sex differences in brain structure, evolution, geneticshormonesor neurotransmitters would be identified as biological, while one appealing to culture or upbringing was considered sociocultural.

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Newspapers like the Omaha World-Herald and the Dallas Morning News scored high on the proportion of biological explanations their articles included, while newspapers like The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Boston Globe scored low.

To get a sense for the political stance of each media outlet, the researchers identified newspapers that endorsed Republican presidential candidates as more conservative, and those that opposed the admission of women to military academies as more traditional in their attitude to sex roles.

And it turned out that both of these factors were associated with the type of explanation for gender differences that newspapers tended to report: But does this bias in reporting matter?

A second study revealed that it does.

Gender differences in india essay

Participants read one of four fictional news stories that were indistinguishable from published articles. The researchers found that participants who read the biological explanations were more likely to subsequently endorse the idea that people cannot easily change, and to associate each sex with stereotypical attributes, like being nurturant, intuitive, whiny, and nagging for women, and being competitive, quantitatively skilled, arrogant, and egotistical for men.

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These effects were found whether the fictional news story claimed that men or that women had superior ability. In their final study, the researchers considered whether it was biological explanations that encouraged the view of people as essentially stable reflections of traditional gender stereotypes, or rather that sociocultural explanations discouraged these conceptions.

The results revealed two different effects. When it came to endorsing traditional gender stereotypes, a biological explanation increased endorsements relative to no explanationand a sociocultural explanation had no effect one way or the other.

Simply having a biological explanation for some sex difference reinforced stereotypic associations about the properties of men and women. It may be that how you explain apparent gender differences to kids is just as important as the toys you encourage them to play with.10 Gender Differences Backed Up by Science.

Abramov suspects that sex hormones are behind the differences, and this gender gap widened with age," said.

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Here is your short essay on Gender inequality All these differences are gender differences and The Constitution of India ensures gender equality in its. This article or section possibly contains synthesis of material which does not verifiably mention or relate to the main topic. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

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Gender differences in india essay

In Sociology the word gender refers to the socio-cultural characterization of man and woman, the way societies make a distinction between men and women and assign them social roles.

Gender Inequalities in Malawi - Many developing countries experience significant issues that help shape their culture and government. Malawi is a country that has experienced many difficult trials throughout her upbringing that has given her a unique civilization.

Gender inequality in India refers to health, education, There are gender differences in the number of teachers and their impact on education.

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