Gcse river coursework

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Gcse river coursework

If you have been to Toulouse before and stood on Pont Neuf, you will have seen this river, one of the biggest in France. Any river, anywhere in the world can be split into three sections. Section 1 Gcse river coursework the upper course think high up in the mountains.

Gcse river coursework

Section 2 is the middle course where it comes down into the lowlands. Section 3 is the lower course where it is at its widest and most powerful and enters the sea.

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Start at the source and work your way down to the mouth of the Garonne. Remember that the conditions in the Pyrenees can be harsh and therefore weathering can affect the slopes of the valley.

No access to OCR B textbook? Click here for more information on V Shaped valleys and here for information on interlocking spurs. Task 3 - Study the Google StreetView images below. The first is of an area close to the source of the Garonne and the second near Vielha.

Have a good look around. Take a screenshot and complete a piece of writing describing the typical characteristics of this upper course area of the river. Click to enlarge task 3 - worksheet Upper course of the garonne Waterfall Formation Waterfall: Waterfalls are where water descends vertically.

Waterfalls are usually created by a change in rock type. As the river moves from hard rock to soft rock, erosion increases creating a waterfall. As the water falls over the waterfall it erodes the river bed and the bottom of the waterfall.

This makes a plunge pool and causes some undercutting. The undercutting creates an overhang which will eventually become too heavy to be supported and collapse into the plunge pool. The whole process then starts again, which means the waterfall is constantly retreating upstream towards the source.

A gorge is a deep sided valley left behind when a waterfall retreats. Task 4 - Use an annotated you draw sketch to explain the formation of a waterfall and a gorge.

Watch the video to the right hand side. Task 5 - Note taking on the following Rapids are sections of rough turbulent white water.

They are normally in a river's upper course and are formed when you get layers of hard and soft rock. The layers of soft rock erode quicker than the layers of hard rock.The aim of this module is to introduce you to the basic aspects of fashion styling and image making through approaches to research and exploration of concepts and techniques that are pertinent to fashion.

Objective: To trace the Garonne river back to its source in the Pyrenees and learn about the features associated with the upper course of the river.

Starter: Study the map of the Garonne watershed to the timberdesignmag.com a copy of this map and complete a written description of the Garonne using the following sentence to get you going. Download the worksheet by clicking on the blue tab below. GCSE Edexcel Geography Coursework Guide - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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