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Social Network Impact on Youth Introduction Online social media have gained astounding worldwide growth and popularity which has led to attracting attention from variety of researchers globally.

Essay social websites

Companies therefore tend to come up with innovative marketing strategies to gain customer's attention. Traditional marketing methods such as TVCs, printed out advertisements, telemarketing etc.

essay social websites

Customers are actually fed up of promotional activities and tend to get annoyed due to essay social websites marketing. Moreover customers are so much aware and proficient now a day thanks to internet that they themselves pick out what marketing activities they have to see and what things to block out.

Moreover social networking communities on the internet have created the movement of information more dense and fast since positive peer reviews, marketing blogs and variety of "Likes" over a company's site now make up the customer collateral of a company.

That is why more companies are moving towards social media as it is a fairly inexpensive and easy way to reach a large audience with similar style. We are able to say that the proverb "Birds of the same feather flock together" is the basis of notion for increasing affinity for social media.

Academic Essay Sample: Social Network Impact on Youth

The major reason is the fact social networking websites have communities where people dedicated to a particular brand or users of something or any specific style or activity have a essay social websites to become involved and interact.

This conversation and engagement is what we call as Resonance in the brand resonance model which is the very best most level of brand development Kevin Street Keller, Increasingly more companies are actually adopting this strategy to directly talk to the targeted customers while providing them with just what they want.

Such marketing strategies also improve the chances of positive word-of-mouth marketing which is the most influencing marketing strategy we know till now. This report will further regulate how different companies execute this online marketing strategy along with the negative and positive aspects associated with this plan.

Pepsi Refresh Project Pepsi is one of the world's major companies and a innovator in the drink market with a hardcore competition from Coca Cola. Actually we may also declare that both these companies have a tendency to form a kind of Oligopolistic competition on the market and enjoy large market shares by strategically dividing the world's region among them.

Pepsi is well known for ground breaking TVCs and have a tendency to spend plenty of capital in this online marketing strategy. This year however marketers at Pepsi acquired the idea of utilizing the social media technique for improving the brand equity. This is a huge risk for Pepsi given that they initially did not have a large following on social networking websites like Twitter and facebook in contrast with more than 4 million facebook supporters of Coke Digital Excitement Blog, However Pepsi launched this advertising campaign in which grants were to be produced to an innovative idea which influences the city or environment and gets the best quantity of votes on networks namely Twitter and facebook.

Pepsi very oddly enough mixed two marketing techniques in their strategy one was using communal mass media and the other one was marketing for public good. Thus Pepsi was actually considering shared benefits and increasing free publicity because of this strategy.

Other companies say their success and attempted to imitate as well since the successful execution of the viral marketing strategy was as living proof that social mass media is the future of marketing.

Significance of Friendly Media As stated previously and in a number of other sections of this report public media is gathering popularity daily.

According to figures facebook has more than million effective users and million energetic users of Twitter and growing. Thus we can see that these social networking websites are themselves a huge ground to advertise the company and create understanding with increased reputation and recall strategies.

It is not only the mere amount of consumer but there are other features which allow the companies to interact with the clients in a fairly innovative manner.

For instance companies can post their pictures, activities, information regarding products and about the business. Moreover the greater significant facet of social media gets live on location feedback from the customers.

Companies may also evaluate their brand collateral and build it through interpersonal media since it allows customers to engage with the company and other customers.

Before the emergence of social marketing concept of areas and brand engagement was not so popular so we can say that this marketing channel has a great impact on marketing strategies of today as well as tomorrow.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with this strategy. We will first look as the advantages Inexpensive online marketing strategy as compared to traditional techniques Direct communication channel with the customers Innovative marketing techniques allows writing the experience and organizations of consumers Ability to reach a huge audience without any geographical boundary with no additional cost Encourages customers to activate with the brand community and some other clients such creating brand resonance Even with each one of these advantages on hand there are a few down sides associated with this marketing technique such as insufficient expertise required to handle social media Sandilands, n.

If not performed properly this means updating statuses and posts on at least daily basis then this plan can only just become yet another cost for the company without the positive impact on the revenue. Additionally since social marketing is dependant on freedom of speech just about anyone can say anything therefore any negative commentary might also result in negative feelings over a large scale just like positive feedback do.

Just as as positive viral marketing is healthy negative viral marketing with a competition or any regular person may prove to be detrimental for the company. Impact of Social Media Marketing on Pepsi Pepsi gained huge benefit from implementation of the viral online marketing strategy.

However we might say that the relationship between the acceptance of a social media marketing strategy with the real increase in revenue is still a subject to be debated yet companies find a significant increase in their brand equity after successful implementation of social media techniques such as Pepsi does.

As a facts we can see that the amount of supporters of Pepsi's facebook webpage in was around 25, however as of today the number has leaped to more than 9 million supporters. The business tends to promote their brand by publishing videos, pictures and improvements regarding events sorted out by Pepsi.

They encourage customers to upload their own photographs regarding experience with the merchandise and ask random questions like "Who hides their Pepsi in the fridge" to connect and relate in a fairly informal way with the clients.

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