Environment pollution and overwhelming white trash

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Environment pollution and overwhelming white trash

Maeve Murphy With the use of clay, glass, rocks and many more earthly objects, I hoped to show that we are meant to create a world that complements natural life instead of using its resources for selfish consumeristic actions. I have used recycled plastics and metals to display the reality that we do live in a universe that is plagued with pollution created by man.

I hope to demonstrate that there can be beauty in both the natural and unnatural world as long as we continue to love and care for the earth with which we have been granted.

Environment pollution and overwhelming white trash

Maeve Murphy Flannery McGreevey I wanted to portray the story of an animal living in our present world. I chose to create a chicken that embodies the chaos in our universe. By using many bright busy colors it shows the turmoil that many beings experience. The different textures represent the complexity of the issue we are facing.

Although at times the problems of climate change seem overwhelming, there are still things you can do! I was inspired by our days spent walking beside the Mississippi River. I tried to add as much detail as possible, to demonstrate all of the intricacies which reside within nature.

By making the diorama scene out of recycled materials, I wanted to represent the ways in which humans can strip nature of its most beautiful elements and leave it barren. Serena Raths Justine Anderson For my first foray into stained glass, I chose to depict a great blue heron.

We saw many of these birds at the refuge and along the Mississippi River, where I first saw the giant trees where the birds nest.

Their stately and graceful movements inspire the kind of reverence I wanted to capture. I thought that stained glass was a fitting medium for a piece meant to honor the sacredness of nature.

Justine Anderson Adi Banks My piece represents the commodification of animals and nature by humans. Some humans go hunting and kill creatures just for their heads so they can be displayed as trophies.

Taking a moment to take in other life forms unifies the living with the dead and the empty with the full. Hajar Ahmed Haley Larson My piece was inspired when we went out into the woods, and we connected with the biggest tree we could find.

While doing this, we were given a chance to feel how the life in the forest communicated with each other. The leaves are organized in a mosaic fashion to evoke the feeling of a stained glass window, allowing light to flow through freely.

The frame is made of styrofoam to symbolize the restricting effect synthetic goods have on nature. Our goal was to demonstrate the ways in which humans will need to work with nature to maintain environmental sustainability in our modern world. By using recycled materials, we show how humanity must design their urban spaces and consumer goods to work with the environment instead of against it.

Adi Banks, Haley Larson, Serena Raths Ana Kirshner My original idea was very vague, and it was supposed to be paintings of human activity that resulted in global warming and environmental damage, like deforestation, factories, pollution, etc. Eventually I moved on to the slightly more subtle, like flooding from rising sea levels or floods that are occurring from human actions and making them more devastating and irregular.

Car Exhaust Fumes - Great Lakes Provings

Originally the paintings were just arranged in a cluster, but then I settled on a tree-like arrangement to represent connectivity and a symbol of nature. The main point of this piece is to prompt self reflection.

Are you going to help preserve and protect the environment, or not? Will you carry a shovel to plant a tree or an axe to cut a tree down? Ana Kirshner Transparent In making this piece, I sought to represent that the epidemic of plastic pollution can be partially attributed to multi-national corporations whose products are either not biodegradable or are not easily disposed of effectively, which in turn relates to ideals of convenience and profitability upheld by these corporations.

The general population also neglects their responsibility in preserving the earth and dealing with waste effectively.How Does Garbage Affect the Environment? A: Quick Answer.

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Garbage causes damage to local ecosystems, and it is a threat to plant and animal life. How Does Water Pollution Affect the Environment?

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A: While water pollution has many impacts on the environment. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. If someone asked you what the biggest concern for the environment is today, what would you answer?

The question is overwhelming because there are so many different aspects of the environments which are being impacted today.

How Pollution Affects the Environment - The World Counts

There are problems with MORE. Sign In Waste and Land Pollution. Nice post Jenneil! I’m glad to see that you’re writing about your travels:).

Bummer about these things in Thailand — I hate that locals try to take advantage of tourists, but . My guess is that many of you felt the same way. Two years ago, my election night depression lingered on for days.

I should have been celebrating the voters' rejection of a constitutional amendment promoted by Florida's monopoly power companies that would have made it . We have been given the responsibility to be guardians of all these sacred places, like the redwoods, and to keep them safe and holy.

But so many life forms are in peril of going extinct because of our greed and our belief that this is “our Earth”, and we can do whatever want with it.

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