Dormitory business plan in the philippines

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Dormitory business plan in the philippines

From a bed dormitory in Intramuros ManilaIllac strived to make it bed strong. The first months since its opening in Jun e were bad but it picked up quickly. Illac recalls with fondness the very first tenants his dormitory had. I was very worried. I mean, I had more than vacant beds and what would I do with that?

It was such a low point for me. Then all of a sudden someone knocked in and asked if he can stay.

dormitory business plan in the philippines

What is interesting is that his name was Amen. He was my very first tenant. So it was like an answer from the heavens since I was praying hard for my business. True enough, after Amen left, more tenants knocked in to his dormitory. Mine was for social development, using industry for a better society.

Along with keeping his rates affordable for seafarers, he makes it a point that the dormitory will not just be a space to stay but a community as well.

We are not all about business. They pay much more for the services than the space. Apart from the recreation, the dormitory offers free use of game materials such as chessboards, television, a nearby basketball court and billiards hall; they also hold self-defense lessons for seafarers every Saturday.

Add to that the weekly religious activities they hold.

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Corte Real also gives assistance to seafarers with legal problems and assist them in finding a job. Just outside the dormitory premises are job listings for seafarer-tenants.

dormitory business plan in the philippines

They also have hour security, and comprehensive record of their tenants including the manning agency they belong to. I only encountered a few problems with regards to the seaman, perhaps 1 or 2 among the 3, that have been here.

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They have a high level of accountability to their family and company.Palawan (pron. / p ə ˈ l ɑː w ɑː n /), officially the Province of Palawan (Cuyonon: Probinsya i'ang Palawan / Paragua; Kinaray-a: Kapuoran kang Palawan; Filipino: Lalawigan ng Palawan) is an archipelagic province of the Philippines that is located in the region of is the largest province in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction.

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