Desert places

For other tourist attractions, please visit: Chittorgarh The ancient city of Chittorgarh also known as Chittor, was said to have been founded by the Maurya Dynasty.

Desert places

Military sense is first recorded s. Sense of "waterless, treeless region" was in Middle English and gradually became the main meaning. Commonly spelled desart in 18c.


Classical Latin indicated this idea with deserta, plural of desertus. Water lost to evaporation and transpiration in a desert exceeds the amount of precipitation; most deserts average less than 25 cm 9. Deserts cover about one fifth of the Earth's surface, with the principal warm deserts located mainly along the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, where warm, rising equatorial air masses that have already lost most of their moisture descend over the subtropical regions.

Cool deserts are located at higher elevations in the temperate regions, often on the lee side of a barrier mountain range where the prevailing winds drop their moisture before crossing the range. Show More A Closer Look: A desert is defined not by temperature but by the sparse amount of water found in a region.

An area with an annual rainfall of fewer than 25 centimeters 9.

Desert places

In spite of the dryness, however, some animals and plants have adapted to desert life and thrive in these harsh environments. While different animals live in different types of deserts, the dominant animals of warm deserts are reptiles, including snakes and lizards, small mammals, such as ground squirrels and mice, and arthropods, such as scorpions and beetles.

Desert places

These animals are usually nocturnal, spending the day resting in the shade of plants or burrowed in the ground, and emerging in the evenings to hunt or eat. Warm-desert plants are mainly ground-hugging shrubs, small wooded trees, and cacti. Plant and animal life is scarcer in the cool desert, where the precipitation falls mainly as snow.

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Plants are generally scattered mosses and grasses that are able to survive the cold by remaining low to the ground, avoiding the wind, and animal life can include both large and small mammals, such as deer and jackrabbits, as well as a variety of raptors and other birds.High Desert is a name used to define geographic areas of Southern California deserts that are between 2, and 4, ft ( and m) in High Desert generally refers to areas of the Mojave term "High Desert" is commonly used by local news media, especially in weather forecasts, because of the high desert's unique and moderate weather patterns compared to its.

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Muscat, the capital city of Oman lies sparkling white, topped with golden. Desert Places [Robyn Davidson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Describes the author's one-year stay in northwest India with the Rabari, a nomadic tribe whose traditional migratory route is quickly vanishing.

In , Jim Erickson passed on to his next adventure. Family and friends, knowing how much he loved to ride the Cuddeback area, buried his Husky, and scattered his ashes to the four winds and blue skies of the desert.

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