Claremont mckenna college senior thesis

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Claremont mckenna college senior thesis

A popular example is computer science, which is offered by both Harvey Mudd College and Pomona College. The student to faculty ratio is 8: The six-year graduation rate is These include a humanities seminar and a writing seminar their first year, three semesters of a foreign language or demonstrated proficiency, a mathematics or computer science course, one laboratory science course and three semesters of a P.

In addition, students must complete at least two humanities courses and three social science courses, all in areas outside the student's major.

All students must complete a senior thesis, which can be either one-semester in length or, to receive departmental honors, two semesters. Claremont McKenna's curricular emphasis is on its social sciences, particularly economics, government, international relations, and psychology.

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CMC also offers an Oxford-style tutorial Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major with two separate tracks of 14 students each.

Other multi-disciplinary majors include management engineering, philosophy and public affairs, science and management, econ-accounting, biology-chemistry, and environment, economics, and politics EEP. CMC also offers the Robert A. The Keck Science Department offers a double year-long introductory science class to allow more flexibility than the former 3 year-long introductory biology, chemistry and physics courses that most science majors must complete.

In OctoberCMC announced that it plans to withdraw from Keck to create its own science department. In both of these programs, students complete a full-time internship with a business or government department, remaining full-time students taught at night by CMC professors stationed in the two locations".

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Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum[ edit ] The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum hosts more than one hundred dinner and lecture events with speakers each year, serving as the college's central intellectual and social hub.

Students enjoy getting to know their professors at wine and cheese receptions and formal dinners preceding lectures. The Athenaeum hosts speakers four nights a week, and also serves daily afternoon tea in its library, featuring chocolate-covered strawberries and pastries.

Afternoon tea is free to students, faculty and staff. Army General Stanley A.

Claremont mckenna college senior thesis

McChrystal and former governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In addition, the student apartments sit on the East edge of campus, and are occupied primarily by seniors.

All dorm rooms are attended to by housekeeping staff every week. In north quad, every room opens to the outdoors instead of opening to an interior hallway.

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North quad rooms are all doubles grouped into suites of four rooms that share a bathroom. CMC's Mid Quad is home to Beckett, Berger, Benson, Phillips, Crown, Marks and Claremont Halls, which feature long interior corridors, double and single rooms, large shared-bathroom facilities and all-dorm lounge areas.

Each tower has seven floors with approximately twelve students per floor.Against the challenges of finishing the senior thesis, wrapping up leadership responsibilities, looking for a job, and the lure of savoring time with friends before . They encourage their peers to become effective writers, advising students on papers, presentations, and Senior Sciences / Science / Humanities / Sequences / Special Degrees / Robert Day School The Center for Writing and Public Discourse / Senior Thesis / The Claremont CollegesAt Claremont McKenna College, Senior Thesis is a.

Senior Thesis Topic Form and Syllabus - You must submit a signed topic form in order to register for thesis. Senior Thesis Topic Exception Request Form – Use this form to request permission to write a thesis outside your major.

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Current Thesis Student Projects. The following is a list of students taking Math in –, with links to their senior thesis webpages, which include links to their thesis proposals.

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