Chalkboard project

Frustrated by the slow pace of change that failed to impact the system statewide, they decided to come together to form an independent, nonpartisan, charitable organization for Oregon schools. The Chalkboard Project was founded in and with the idea that combining grassroots engagement with Oregonians and best practices research would lead to policy to raise student achievement in grades K— In its first two years, Chalkboard collected data nationally and internationally on best practices to raise student achievement.

Chalkboard project

With chalkboard paint, you can now add that flair of whimsy and fun to practically any surface in your house!

Chalkboard project

Handwriting is a wonderful way to customize and create, and brings a personal touch to any living space. Not familiar with chalkboard paint?

Once it dries, you get a surface that looks just like a good old-fashioned chalkboard. Better yet, you can use it like one! You can draw on it with chalk and erase anytime. You can buy the stuff at a hardware store or you can make it at home using paint and powdered tile grout.

You can purchase or make it in any color of the rainbow, which makes it even better than a traditional chalkboard note that if you prefer dry erase boards, you can buy dry erase paint as an alternative. Ready to get started and need some inspiration?

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Check out Chalkboard project easy, fun and creative chalkboard paint projects! You can make your own chalkboard with key hooks to hang in the kitchen or just anywhere you may want to hang it.

The chalkboard is great for keeping memos and reminders and it has handy little shelves that can hold mail or just anything that you may need to remember to grab before you head out in the morning. Key Chalkboard project are a must for those of you who tend to misplace your keys on occasion.

This neat little project can be completed in no time and it is really inexpensive. Do you tend to make a mess of your dresser drawer? Wish you had an easy organizing system where you never again will forget where everything goes? This system using chalkboard paint is genius! Take everything out of your drawer and paint the bottom.

Now, purchase a plastic organizer with different bins for different items. Then grab some chalk and write in where everything goes and place the clear organizer on top. You will never again forget where things belong! While chalk makes a great organization system for the inside of your dresser drawers, it also looks fabulous on the outside!

We love all the cute fonts and embellishments that she wrote her labels in. And once again, this is easy to change anytime you choose to reorganize and put something else in your drawers. Just erase and write something else! Earlier we showcased an idea for framing a chalkboard in an old window frame.

This picture frame really embellishes the chalkboard, and you can use it to write or display anything you want. Do you grow herbs in your kitchen? Stop yourself from making those mistakes by labeling your pots.

Great Organizing DIY – Chalkboard with Key Hooks

You will never choose the wrong one again. You can use these in your garden shed as well to help you keep track of other plants or seeds. One of the great things about chalkboard paint is that you can use it to cover a curved surface and not just a flat one. Occasionally you might decide to repurpose a container and fill it with something else.

Since you can erase and write something new on the label, you can reuse the label, which makes for a neat, easy solution. This is a wonderful way to stay organized in the kitchen, and another great idea from Our Fifth House, the same site that featured the wonderful chalkboard wall calendar!

We love this idea! No more magnets falling on the floor, no more picking up fallen artwork and trying to find a better space for it. Instead, just paint your entire refrigerator with chalkboard paint. You can write and draw directly on it—fun for the whole family! This is a great way to beautify your fridge and share reminders.

You can even write on the sides. And your magnets will still work on here, so you can still tack things up the old-fashioned way if you want to. Instead of ordering a customized mug online, why not make it yourself?

Then you can put anything you want on it.Chalkboard Project, Portland, OR. K likes. Uniting Oregonians to make our public schools among the nation's best!5/5(2). Great Organizing DIY – Chalkboard with Key Hooks This is another great organization project from Shanty 2 Chic.

You can make your own chalkboard with key hooks to hang in the kitchen or just anywhere you may want to hang it. The chalkboard is great for keeping memos and reminders and it has handy little shelves that can hold mail or just .

The Chalkboard Project, launched in , is a non-partisan nonprofit working to unite Oregonians to make K–12 public schools among the nation's best.

Chalkboard aims to help create a more informed and engaged public that understands and addresses the tough choices and . 1, Followers, 9 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Chalkboard Project™️ (@the_chalkboardproject).

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