An overview of the nostradamus prediction accuracy

This article first appeared in the Christian Research Journal, volume 25, number 2

An overview of the nostradamus prediction accuracy

Mysticurious Staff Sep 27, To think of 16th century old prophesies regarding the far future apparently coming true in the 21st century is an awe-inspiring feeling! Nostradamus predictions have been the subject of discussion among both believers and skeptics of fortune-telling.


Let's take a look. Before proceeding towards the predictions in question, let's first get to know the man himself. To begin with, his real name is not Nostradamus! It is Nostredame - Michel de Nostredame to be exact. Nostradamus is the Latinized pronunciation and spelling of the original French name.

Nostradamus was born in the year and was a French apothecary who also had the reputation of a seer. He had published a wide collection of prophecies regarding many world issues and global events that were to take place years after his death.

His most famous work is his book, Les Propheties which was published in the year Followers of Nostradamus and believers of his prophecies credit him with the recognition of predicting major future world events and occurrences while skeptics attribute his prophecies, put down by him in riddling verses, known as Nostradamus quatrains, to the interpretation and application of the Bible code and other similar codified prophetic works.

Prophecies, predictions by Nostradamus resurfaced and gathered global attention due to some major predictions made by him which pointed towards some major global turmoil possibly to occur by His predictions had hints of the possibility of a third world war and end of the world.

Let's see some predictions, what he saw back then of what was in store. Nostradamus Predictions and Nostradamus predictions dealt with two major topics - a third world war and Armageddon.

List of Predictions That Came True Believe it or not, the following are some of the predictions that came true in a rather significant and obvious way. Check them out yourself and you'll be spooked by the clarity and accuracy of the predictions for their corresponding occurrences!

An overview of the nostradamus prediction accuracy

Judging by the accuracy of most of these prophecies and considering the fact that his predictions extend till the yearwe can take a sigh of relief as doomsday is still very far away, at least for our generation!

As far as his predictions about World War 3 are concerned, considering the volatile global scenario where tensed international relations are camouflaged under a veneer of diplomacy, we can't be so sure.

The most we can do is pray that such a crisis doesn't hit humanity - not again!Nostradamus is credited by many people with predicting such things as the rise of Adolf Hitler, World War II, and even the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy.

Typically, the . 3 days ago · Accurately predicting the binding affinities of small organic molecules to biological macromolecules can greatly accelerate drug discovery by reducing the number of compounds that must be synthesized to realize desired potency and selectivity goals.

Unfortunately, the process of assessing the accuracy of current computational approaches to affinity prediction against binding data to . The emerging truth is that Nostradamus may indeed have possessed a special gift that made his predictions so accurate, but it's a gift we may all be able to tap into.

And, of course the question is, if he was right about so many things in the past, what does the future have in store? Overview; How did a French prophet living in 16th century. It's Nostradamus all over again. Playing by those rules, even I can predict the future.



Anyone wanting a better overview of Fatima. Nov 17,  · The predictions of Nostradamus can be as accurate or as lax as you wanted it to be.

The prophesies of Nostradamus were written in an ancient form of the French language, worded in such a way that all were ambiguous enough to be interpreted in any which way a reader intended.

Nostradamus Spine-Chilling Prediction About Is So Accurate, It’s Scary! Facebook Twitter Michel de Nostredame usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French physician and seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become widely famous.

Nostradamus Spine-Chilling Prediction About Is So Accurate, It's Scary!