A biography of george balanchine a russian born american choreographer

Biography George Balanchine Facts The Russian-born American choreographer George Balanchine formed and established the classical style of contemporary ballet in America.

A biography of george balanchine a russian born american choreographer

His studies at the conservatory included advanced piano, music theory, counterpoint, harmony, and composition. Balanchine graduated from the conservatory duringand danced as a member of the corps until While still in his teens, Balanchine choreographed his first work, a pas de deux named La Nuitmusic by Anton Rubinstein.

This was followed by another duet, Enigma, with the dancers in bare feet rather than ballet shoes. Duringwith fellow dancers, Balanchine formed a small ensemble, the Young Ballet. Young Balanchine, pictured in the s. At this time, the impresario Sergei Diaghilev invited Balanchine to join the Ballets Russes as a choreographer.

During these years, he worked with composers such as Sergei ProkofievIgor StravinskyClaude DebussyErik Satieand Maurice Raveland artists who designed sets and costumes, such as Pablo PicassoGeorges Rouaultand Henri Matissecreating new works that combined all the arts. He described it as "the turning point in my life".

The European years

Apollo brought the male dancer to the forefront, giving him two solos within the ballet. Apollo is known for its minimalism, utilizing simple costumes and sets.

This allowed the audience not to be distracted from the movement.

A biography of george balanchine a russian born american choreographer

Balanchine considered music to be the primary influence on choreography, as opposed to the narrative. Apollo, Suffering a serious knee injury, Balanchine had to limit his dancing, effectively ending his performance career.

Balanchine himself served as a resident choreographer of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. To earn money, Balanchine began to stage dances for Charles B. He was retained by the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen as a guest ballet master. Among his new works for the company were Danses Concertantes, a pure dance piece to music by Stravinsky; and Night Shadow, revived under the title La Sonnambula, the haunting tale of a poet who falls in love with a mysterious and alluring sleepwalker.

The new company hired Leonide Massine and Balanchine as choreographers. Featured dancers included David Lichine and Tatiana Riabouchinska.

A biography of george balanchine a russian born american choreographer

Inwithout consulting Blum, Col. The company was financed by Edward Jamesa British poet and ballet patron.

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The company lasted only a couple of months duringperforming only in Paris and London, when the Great Depression made arts more difficult to fund.

Balanchine created several new works, including collaborations with composers Kurt WeillDarius MilhaudHenri Sauguet and designer Pavel Tchelitchew. Balanchine insisted that his first project in the United States would be to establish a ballet school because he wanted to develop dancers who had strong technique along with his particular style.

Compared to his classical training, he thought they could not dance well. With the assistance of Lincoln Kirstein and Edward M. Warburgthe School of American Ballet opened to students on January 2,less than 3 months after Balanchine arrived in the U. Later that year, Balanchine had his students perform in a recital, where they premiered his new work Serenade to music by Tchaikovsky at the Warburg summer estate.

The school of American Ballet became and is now a home for dancers of New York City ballet as well as companies from all over the world. Between his ballet activities in the s and s, Balanchine choreographed for musical theater with such notables as Richard RodgersLorenz Hart and Vernon Duke.

This musical featured the ballet "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue," in which a tap dancer falls in love with a dance-hall girl. His choreography in musicals was unique at the time because as they furthered the plot of the story. Balanchine created dances for five movies, all of which featured Vera Zorinawhom he met on the set of The Goldwyn Follies and who subsequently became his third wife.

He reconvened the company as the American Ballet Caravan and toured with it throughout North and South America, but it folded after several years.

He continued to work with contemporary composers, such as Paul Hindemithfrom whom he commissioned a score in for The Four Temperaments. First performed on November 20,this modernist work was one of his early abstract and spare ballets, angular and very different in movement.

After several successful performances, the most notable featuring the ballet Orpheus created in collaboration with Stravinsky and sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchithe City of New York offered the company residency at the New York City Center. InBalanchine created his version of The Nutcrackerin which he played the mime role of Drosselmeyer.

The company has since performed the ballet every year in New York City during the Christmas season. Balanchine with Suzanne Farrell in Don Quixote. The corps dancers execute rapid footwork and precise movements.The Russian-born American choreographer George Balanchine () formed and established the classical style of contemporary ballet in America.

His choreography emphasized form rather than content, technique rather than interpretation. Maria Tallchief is a world-renowned ballerina and one of the premiere (first-ranking) American ballerinas of all time.

She was the first American to dance at the Paris Opera and has danced with the Paris Opera Ballet, the Ballet Russe, and the Balanchine Ballet Society, later renamed the New York City Ballet. The School of American Ballet, established in New York City in by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, is the preeminent .

A. Fifi Abdou (born () 26 April ), Egyptian belly dancer and actress. She rose to fame in the s, and was one of the most famous and successful Egyptian dance stars throughout the s and s until her retirement in the s. Ballets Russes, ballet company founded in Paris in by the Russian impresario Serge timberdesignmag.com original company included the choreographer Michel Fokine and the dancers Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky; the choreographer George Balanchine joined in Russian-born American choreographer.

The Russian-born American choreographer George Balanchine formed and established the classical style (relating to music in the European tradition) of ballet in America. Early life. George Balanchine was born Georgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadze in St.

Petersburg, Russia, on January 22, , the son .

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